SfCE Vacancies

Social Worker

Click here to view the application for the post of a Social Worker.  Deadline: noon of 3rd April 2023
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RFQ 2023 – Microsoft Licenses

The Secretariat for Catholic Education is pleased to announce that the RFQ has been awarded to HS Data for the…
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Church School Children’s Funds

Enhancing Team Dynamics project

Enhancing Team Dynamics is one of the projects the Church Schools Children’s Fund (CSCF) embarked on in 2022.  The focus…
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SfCE Heads Meeting

The Secretariat for Catholic Education in a meeting with the Head of Church schools. Previous Next
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Pastoral Care

Harmonize: Building Bridges

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CSCF Vacancies

Teacher to supervise, guide and support the project ‘Empowering Dyslexic Teens to Succeed’

Deadline: 8th Februray 2023 Click here to view the application for the post of a teacher to supervise, guide and…
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Francesco Documentary

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Curriculum Entitlement

Education Transformation Framework and the Curriculum Entitlement Team at the SfCE

The Heads of Department (HoD) guide, support and coordinate the teaching, learning and assessment across compulsory education (including kindergarten), with dedicated…
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Start Of Scholastic Year 2022/2023

Mass at the opening of the scholastic year celebrated by the Archbishop’s.In this Mass there were employees from the Secretariat…
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Day two of the professional development happening right now in London.

Literacy Action Planning is another Erasmus + project giving professional development opportunities to another large group of educators from the…
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“Today, above all, the right to a good education means protecting wisdom that is, knowledge that is human and humanizing.”

Pope Francis

Every member is driven to improve
the lives of students and their ability to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

We believe in using the best practices to improve the lives of students .