Youth Work

Youth work in schools can vary in outcome depending on the characteristics and needs of every individual school. This can be achieved through;

  • Creating a safe space for young people to feel comfortable to be in, where they can share their concerns or ideas.
  • Promoting democratic participation and active citizenship by enabling young people to diplomatically voice their concerns in supportive environments.
  • Encouraging voluntary work and entrepreneurship.
  • Targeting issues such as bullying, insecurity, decision making, team spirit, social skills, group dynamics, self-expression and diversity.
  • Acting as an accessible information hub for young people; primarily providing information about careers, post-secondary education and extracurricular activities.
  • Organising extracurricular activities or youth clubs during break time or after school hours. These clubs may also be set up with the intention of targeting a particular vulnerable group.
  • Liaising with other school staff such as PSCD teachers, guidance, pastoral teams and others; to organise  activities such as seminars, workshops and live-ins.

Liaising with career advisor  and other staff from post-secondary schools to facilitate transitions.