Occupational Therapy

SFCE provides school-based Occupational Therapy (OT) services to the children attending our church schools. Presently,  therapist who has been tasked with the responsibility of carrying out  consultation therapy with our LSEs and teachers, assisted by INCOs and SMT at schools.

OT is a service that strives to succeed by prioritising each individual student’s attainment of utmost independence.  Through OT, children are provided with  recommendations that  will enable them to be functionally independent in the following areas:

  • Self-help skills e.g. eating, toileting, grooming, taking care of themselves and personal belongings etc.
  • Access to curriculum e.g. participation, handwriting, attention and alert strategies and organisational skills
  • Meaningful interactions with peers e.g. learn how to play with others, turn taking in games
  • Classroom strategies to address needs of students with attention difficulties

Assessments for eligibility of access arrangement for the exam periods for children who have history of coordination difficulties, physical impairments or other difficulties that may be assessed by OT.

Fine Motor Skills Guidelines

Click here to access the Fine Motor Skills Guidelines.
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