Expressing wellbeing through Art, Music and Drama

In recognizing a creative link between Art, Drama, Music and Emotional Literacy, students are given further opportunity to develop holistically. The CoPE Training, Expressing Well-being through Visual and Performing Arts, was an initial attempt to allow primary art, music and drama teachers focus on these three disciplines whilst aligning learning outcomes that encourage emotion literacy.


Students certainly benefit from this kind of interplay where they learn about themselves and how to recognise, identify and understand emotions. Primary students are learning through fun activities how to become emotional literate and the necessary skills to build resilience. The aim is to transfer the skills learned in class through art, music and drama in their everyday scenarios.

Teachers’ feedback was very positive and showed a need for similar  further CoPE Training.

       ” I think it is always interesting to see how the areas of Art, Music and Drama can be intertwined. It was great to discuss together and hear others. The activities were also fun, interesting and hands-on ”                                    

         “ Some of the ideas of lessons which we shared – definitely worth trying ”

       “ More sessions that are actually useful like this….. It would also help to have Expressive arts teachers brainstorm at the beginning of the scholastic year to come up with concrete tangible and realistic schemes of work together “

        “ CoPE sessions of this kind for Art/Drama/Music teachers should be  more frequent as they are more relevant to their contexts and realities “

(Teachers’ Feedback)