SMC Fashion and Gourmet festival 2024

On the 21st of February 2024, the Fashion and Gourmet Festival, was organized at Stella Maris College, Gzira, on the initiative of Ms Dominique Inglott supported by the Hospitality & Language departments for Grade 9 and Grade 10 students following one of the four foreign languages (French, Italian, German & Spanish) taught at the College. The purpose of this competition was to promote creativity and practical culinary skills, together with an awareness of food presentation and table setting.

The event kicked off with students dressed in the colours of the countries forming a parade. The students then presented their home-made dishes associated with one of the countries with taste and care. They all showed that the art of entertaining does not only rest in the cooking but in the way you present it and serve it to the guests. Nowadays, when considering that many children eat alone, in front of a computer, it was particularly remarkable to see their effort and commitment. Our panel of judges had a tough task to choose the 3 best dishes.

It was a unique learning experience not only for the students who managed to develop their productive and communicative skills whilst presenting their own dish but also for the educators involved. Whilst congratulating all the participants for the high standards achieved, we would like to thank Neil Darmanin and Jordan Magro accompanied by Luke from the catering industry, the three HODs of Foreign Languages: Ms Prascovia Deidun, Ms Ruth Scicluna and Ms Michelle Vella Gobey who acted as judges and our generous sponsors: Decathlon, Hilton, Corinthia and Dr Juice.

Winners for the Parade:

1st: Isaac Caruana (Grade 10)

2nd: Isaac Micallef (Grade 9)

3rd: Jacob Hintner (Grade 9).

Winners for the Gourmet Festival:

1st: Adam Scerri (Tapas, Spain)

2nd: David Cuschieri (German Apple Cake, Germany)

3nd: Dale Gracey (Tapas & Empanadas, Spain)

Prizes for merit:

Shaydon Grech (Music)

Julian Briffa (Paella, Spain)

Ricardo Schembri (Tiramisu, Italy)