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EmpowerEDUC: Recognizing Excellence in EU Code Week 2023

An SfCE and eSkills Malta Foundation Collaboration Rationale of the Initiative:Following the work carried out by the Heads of Department of Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills within the Secretariat for Catholic Education, over the past 5 years, there has been an ever-increasing Church School educators’ participation in EU Code Week. To continue to sustain this…
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Global Compact for Education seminar

The Curriculum, Literacy and Numeracy teams, together with their Service Managers, met up at the Valletta Design Cluster to explore how Pope’s Francis’ Global Compact for Education and their work at the service of Church schools are aligned. They were responding to the call made by the Delegate for Catholic Education, Fr Charles Mallia, and…
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SfCE Heads Meeting

The Secretariat for Catholic Education in a meeting with the Head of Church schools. Previous Next

Start Of Scholastic Year 2022/2023

Mass at the opening of the scholastic year celebrated by the Archbishop’s. In this Mass there were employees from the Secretariat for Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Malta and from Caritas. Afterwards there was a meeting held by Fr. Charles Mallia and Dr. Ian Mifsud and we ended the meeting by congratulating our three retiring staff.…
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MATTHEW ESF 02.153 – Closing Event

Matthew is a project funded by the European Social Fund and Church Schools Children’s Fund. The project is based on the Matthew effect concept, referring to the idea that, in reading and other areas of life, he rich get richer and the poor get poorer. When children fail to acquire basic skills in reading, numeracy,…
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Tberik tal-Uffiċċji Ġodda tas-Segretarjat għall-Edukazzjoni Nisranija

Bi pjaċir inħabbru li nhar it-Tnejn 4 ta’ Lulju 2022 seħħ it-tberik tal-uffiċċji l-ġodda tas-Segretarjat għall-Edukazzjoni Nisranija, f’Binja Josmar, Triq Idmejda, Ħal-Balzan.  Din il-binja hija parti minn proġett akbar, li fi tmiemu, ser ikun qed jilqa’ l-ħaddiema kollha tas-Segretarjat.  Il-quddiesa u ċ-ċerimonja tat-tberik tmexxew mill-E.T. Mons Joseph Galea Curmi, Isqof Awżiljarju. Previous Next Mons. Joseph…
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Paul Borg- a colleague, a friend

Paul joined the Secretariat for Catholic Education as Head of Department for Economics & Business Studies in September 2010. This role carried the responsibility of coordinating Economics, a subject that is only taught in the non-state sector, making Paul a local reference point. Taking on this position professionally, Paul put in his heart and soul…
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