EmpowerEDUC: Recognizing Excellence in EU Code Week 2023

An SfCE and eSkills Malta Foundation Collaboration

Rationale of the Initiative:
Following the work carried out by the Heads of Department of Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills within the Secretariat for Catholic Education, over the past 5 years, there has been an ever-increasing Church School educators’ participation in EU Code Week. To continue to sustain this increase and encourage Church School educators to take greater ownership of EU Code Week activities, the SfCE in collaboration with eSkills Malta would like to recognize excellence of EU Code Week activities within the Maltese Church Schools Community through an award ceremony to be held on the 22nd of November, 2023.

Following this initiative an online platform will be created showcasing participants’ innovative activities, additional activities and school-based approaches.
Schools, through their educators in class, will have the possibility to hold their own Code Week activities inhouse. The initiative will run between Monday 9th and Friday 27th October 2023. Participants will be invited to pin their school on the EU Code week map and register the activities following the official EU Code Week procedure.

As an incentive for schools and/or educators will be providing six categories which the schools and/or educators will be participating in. The categories are:

  • Best whole school outstanding coding practices Award (Primary
  • Outstanding Newcomer to EU Code Week Award (Primary and Secondary)
  • Best innovative Girls in Tech coding initiative Award (Secondary)
  • Best innovative high-quality coding initiative Award (Early Years)
  • Best innovative high-quality coding initiative Award (Junior Years)
  • Best innovative high-quality coding initiative Award (Secondary Years)

There will be three judges for these awards who will base their judgement on an assessment rubric.

National Skills
(https://nscmalta.gov.mt/) and eSkills
Malta Foundation (https://eskills.org.mt/)



Pitching for our Common Home- Teaching transversal skills in a project-based approach

Recently, Heads of Department, Pamela Fenech ( Primary Curriculum) and Roberta Trapani Maggi (Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills) gave an engaging pitch at the SkillScape  Malta conference organised by the National Skills Council at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The theme of the pitch was a cross-curricular STEM project called CODE4EARTH that featured in an article at  https://eskills.org.mt/good-practice/code4earth/

Thank you to the National Skills Council and eSkills Malta Foundation for recognising the educational impact of this project.

More information on this project can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/code4earth/