Thinking outside the box to empower vulnerable Youths

Thinking outside the box to empower vulnerable Youths – A new project by Church Schools Children’s Fund, funded by Agenzija Zghazagh through the A4U scheme.

 One of the objectives Church Schools Children’s Fund (CSCF) aims to support youths

coming from different backgrounds and of different abilities by making services
accessible and help with basic needs which might not be otherwise met. Such
services may include therapy, life skills training, tuition, food, uniforms etc. 

Earlier this scholastic year the CSCF applied for a new project entitled ‘Thinking outside the box to empower vulnerable youths”, funded by Assistance for You (A4U) Scheme, managed by Agenzija Zghazagh. Thanks to the funds obtained, CSCF purchased resources that are used to train students to learn to work through a structured routine which they can eventually master independently or with minimal help. 

The concept of working through a structured routine is a skill which helps the individuals to access the work community once they finish their formal schooling. The resources consist of ‘Shoebox tasks’ kits  and also resource books namely ‘Tasks Galore’ and ‘Teaching Activities for Autistic Children’. All resources are in line with the TEACCH Approach which aims to help students on the autism spectrum of all ages and levels of functioning by organising their environments and providing clear, concrete and meaningful visual information. Such approach helps the individual to be calmer, more self-assured and able to work independently for longer periods of time.

So far, the ASST has reached out to a number of church school with whole school training and also with individual educators who are working directly with students benefitting from this project. The ASST have also started working directly with a number of students.

This project is still in its initial stages and CSCF Volunteers together with ASST are working on further implementation of the project in all church schools in Malta and Gozo. The aim is to reach out to as many youths who can benefit from this initiative, not solely individuals on the Autism spectrum but also any other vulnerable students.