Social Work

The CSSWS is provided by SfCE for all Church School students in Malta and Gozo. CSSWS is set up with the intent of maximising  the students’ chances of success in school and life. This is prospect is achieved by intervening with  the students’ systems to establish healthier patterns that will supplement the individual’s’ chances of success. The service is also committed to help children, their parents/legal guardians, and their respective communities to develop social competences.  Conversely, the service also works towards achieving its goal by supporting the schools to effectively respond to their needs and aspirations. 

Social Workers:

  • Are proactive, with a clear vision draw up necessary plans together with school staff and other professionals so as to minimize any difficulties that the students may encounter in the short and long term.
  • Help students to develop personal coping strategies and skills to be able to address present and future challenges they might face.
  • Address specific situations students may encounter which create social injustice both within, and outside school.
  • Provide struggling students the necessary support. This support functions by encouraging students to make the best use of their educational opportunities, and to subsequently develop their full potential.
  • Ensure regular school attendance by students, and addressing any underlying situations that may be interfering with their attendance.
  • Address students’ psychosocial wellbeing in a holistic manner by intervening with students’ families and outside environment
  • Provide support and guidance for parents/ legal guardians.
  • Provide information to students and families to tap into community resources.

Develop and enhance support initiatives for the welfare of students.