Pastoral Care in Church Schools

Vision and Mission

The Service Manager Pastoral Care (PC) liaises closely with the Coordinator of Spiritual Development for State and Independent Schools within the Archdiocese of Malta and with the Delegate for Pastoral Care for State and Church Schools within the Diocese of Gozo.

Pastoral Care supports Church Schools communities in recognising that Jesus Christ is the foundation of the whole education mission, thus enabling the fostering of a relationship with Him. This is further enhanced by  permeating  the atmosphere with the  sharing of Gospel values  especially of  freedom, love, wisdom and love for truth, whilst  keeping in mind the necessity  to  nurture the virtues of faith  and of Christian hope to all whilst  respecting cultural and religious diversity.

Church Schools and the Secretariat for Catholic Education (SfCE) are supported by the Service Manager Pastoral Care in the formation of professionals to promote and support the Catholic identity and mission of SfCE and of the Church Schools entrusted to them. This is given through the Word of God, the Liturgy, worship, Spiritual Companionship, ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue and activities, spiritual retreats and continuous spiritual formation integrated in their professional life.

Catholic Church Schools uphold the belief that educators aren’t merely teaching academic subjects but educating individuals holistically. Thus, the Service Manager for Pastoral Care supports and facilitates the integral formation  of the school community through various  formation initiatives in harmony  with the  school ethos and charism, with the aim to form mature wholesome responsible persons to serve  and lead society and the Church.

 Since Pastoral Care within the SfCE, is a bridge between  cultural and spiritual formation  for all, it also supports school leadership teams through  holistic formation thus enabling them to live, support and treasure  the distinctive charisma, in order to  be able to handed it on to all the educators, learners, and parents.

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