Counselling Services

Counsellors are professionals who assist individuals to address particular concerns and developmental issues, to address and explore specific problems, to make choices, to cope with crises, to work through feelings of inner conflict, to improve relationships with others and to develop their potential.

  • Counsellors use specific skills, approaches and techniques within a safe and confidential environment to build therapeutic relationships with their clients and help them recognise their inner skills to improve their situation.
  • Counsellors collaborate with school staff members and other professionals and organisations for the benefit of students and their families.
  • Counsellors support and advise parents / legal guardians in their role as primary educators and caregivers to their children.
  • Students may freely approach counsellors themselves. Referrals might also be made by parents, staff members, or other professionals.
  • Counsellors may refer students to other professionals, agencies or other services as deemed necessary.

Confidentiality is a key element in counselling.  Thus, whatever a student divulges to the School Counsellor will not be repeated to anyone else, unless the student’s consent is given; or unless there is a serious threat to the student’s own safety or to the safety of others.